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Residential Roof Estimates in Portland

Do you have a roof in disrepair or that needs to be replaced? Urban Hammer provides our Portland area customers with detailed residential roof estimates so that you can understand exactly how much it will cost to repair or replace your residential roof.

Our residential roof estimates in Portland include a complete breakdown of the expenses involved in a roofing job. Whether you have a damaged set of shingles or you need to replace your entire roof, an accurate and detailed residential roof estimate will give you the assurance that you need to move forward with your roofing project.

There are certain details you should always expect from residential roof estimates in Portland, no matter who the contractor. You can trust Urban Hammer to provide all of these details and more.  We’ll explain and answer your questions about every item listed on your Portland residential roof estimate.

  • Proposed start and completion dates
  • A list of all materials to be used and their prices
  • Payment due dates and payment options
  • Workmanship and manufacturers warranties
  • A terminating clause that explains the specific conditions for terminating the contract

Residential roof estimates should contain a lot of detail. Be aware that some contractors might exclude some items from the estimate in order to offer you a lower bid, only to charge you for the missing items later. When you receive a residential roof estimate from Urban Hammer in Portland, you can be assured that all of the costs for your project will be detailed on your roof estimate.

Before providing you with an accurate residential roof estimate, we will need to access and thoroughly examine the condition of the roof on your Portland home. We will also take the time to make specific measurements of your roofline so that we can calculate exactly the amount of materials that will be necessary for your residential roof repair or replacement.

When evaluating residential roof estimates from other Portland area roofing contractors, it’s important to look beyond just the total price. As the saying goes, you often get what you pay for.

A good residential roof estimate will also allow you to choose between competing proposals based on the quality of the roofing materials, thickness of the insulation, duration of the warranty and other factors such as the length of time the contractor has been in business and whether they plan to dispose of the waste after your residential roofing project in Portland has been completed.

Quality work is important and you can expect nothing less from Urban Hammer. The quality of the roofing materials used for your project and workmanship can greatly impact the lifespan of your Portland area roof. Installation errors can also significantly shorten the longevity of your residential roof, regardless of how expensive or durable the roofing materials chosen for your project.

When it comes to residential roof estimates in Portland, Urban Hammer is the company to call. We’ll provide a timely and accurate estimate with a complete breakdown of the materials and labor required.

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