Urban Hammer offers residential flat roof repair in Portland and throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Let us help you protect your investment!

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Flat roofs are most common in commercial applications, but they can be found in residential homes as well.  We realize the importance of regular inspections of flat roof surfaces to prevent leaks and spot early signs of problems.

Weather related damage can go undetected until water finally finds its way into the residence below. This may be immediate but usually takes more than a year to occur. Insurance companies generally allow only one year after a storm to file a claim. After that it is the responsibility of the homeowner owner.

A regular inspection performed annually or after a severe storm will identify potential leakage within the allowable time frame. This will also identify areas of ponding, wear from foot traffic and furniture, heat and UV deterioration and separations, cracks or sagging.

In almost all instances, the surface can be repaired or an elastomeric coating can be applied. Rubberized coatings are laid directly over the existing surface material and seal it off to all moisture. Before coating a roof, we may call for a thermographic imaging of the entire surface to detect any moisture that in not visible from walking the area. These wet areas will have to be dried prior to coating – we can do it!


We perform flat roof repair in Portland for the following types of materials:

  • Metal – This popular flat roofing material will leak from deterioration and stress to fasteners and seams.

  • Concrete – Easily cracked by moisture and made worse by the same freezing and thawing internally that causes potholes in the streets and broken sidewalks.

  • Modified bitumen – Also referred to as torch down, this single-layer system is very popular today and is applied by heating the adhering side.

  • Built up roofs – Laminated sections of fiber and bitumen used to build up layers. This is known as BUR.

  • PVC or vinyl. Poly Vinyl Chloride has been widely used for twenty years and is extremely durable and long lasting, like metal.

  • Tar and gravel – This popular choice is prone to ponding and leaking. We will generally place insulation foam and a modified bitumen layer or an elastomeric coating over it.

  • Membrane – This includes TPO, PVC and EPDM systems.


To avoid the need for flat roof repair in Portland, Urban Hammer highly recommends annual inspections and regular maintenance by our Portland roofing team; but if an emergency does require immediate attention, we are on call to respond and take the necessary steps to keep your building dry.

Our residential roofing crews are skilled in locating and fixing and areas that are leaking. Water entering a flat surface often travels a great distance before becoming evident in the residence below.

Do not wait until flat roof repair becomes an an emergency repair, with water dripping from your ceiling; risking damage to flooring, furniture, appliances - and dangerous mold growth that is costly to eliminate. Call the professionals at Urban Hammers right away for an inspection and avoid an emergency in the future.

For flat roof repair in Portland and throughout Oregon and SW Washington call now at (503) 660-3727. We offer a complete inspection and an estimate to fix any damage.

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